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Treehouse provides trusted and personalised nursery education and childcare for young people in Wanstead, and surrounding areas across London.


As Champions of the Early Years Foundation for the Next Generation, we have developed a curriculum that promotes every child’s communication and language skills, physical well-being, and personal, social and emotional development.

But we never forget that every child in our care – from three months to 11 years – also needs to have fun in a safe, happy and healthy environment. So, our nurseries, breakfast club and after school club are packed with activities to stimulate, educate, entertain, nourish and develop the young minds in our care.

Woodbine Place

35 Woodbine Place, Wanstead, London, E11 2RH

A long established, reputable provider of childcare for infants and young children.

A Culture of Happiness

An environment where young minds become creative and inquisitive

School readiness

We develop independent, confident and curious learners who are ready for school journey

Woodbine Place

Cambridge Park
25 Cambridge Park Road, Wanstead, London, E11 2PU

Treehouse at Cambridge Park is based in a landmark Methodist church building just 2 minutes’ walk from Wanstead underground tube station.

Wonder based Learning

Offering authentic, neutral and real life resources to develop children's learning

Curious Learners

Through our learning children are curious to know the world

Cambridge Park

The Grove Montessori Nursery
Grosvenor Road, Wanstead, London, E11 2EW

The Grove Montessori, opened in 2020, and is located just off the Wanstead High Street and is adjacent to Wanstead United Reformed Church.


The children become independent and do tasks for themselves, by giving children the opportunities to participate in their own learning from moving around freely, dressing themselves, washing their own hands, setting the tables and serving themselves at mealtimes.

Practical life exercises

This develops control and co-ordination of movement and encourages fine manipulative skills.

The Grove Montessori Nursery

Breakfast and After School Club
20 Woodbine Place, Chapel Path, Wanstead, London, E11 2RH

Rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted

Ofsted "Outstanding"

Ofsted "Outstanding"

Pick Up and Drop Off

Pick up and Drop Off at 4 local schools.

Breakfast Club